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Currently available:

Dr Hairy's Professional Development Training (12 month course - £100 per head, or £75 per head if you sign up in a group of 5 or more)

Reflective learning, designed to help you prepare for appraisals and revalidation.

Tailored for both Registrars and qualified GPs, this course is based on the book Professional Development for Appraisal and Revalidation (The Dr Hairy Workbook), which won the Primary Care Category of the BMJ Book Awards in 2012. It's unstuffy and non-academic, and it's designed both to promote self-awarness and get you thinking about the wider context in which you work as a GP. It features 12 humorous Dr Hairy videos, and lots of thought-provoking reflective learning exercises.

There are twelve sections, and you are expected to complete one section per month.

Once you've completed all the activities in a section, you'll get a certificate for 3 hours of study. The whole course is thus worth 36 hours. You get a "big certificate" at the end, assuming that you've completed all the sections.

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