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November 2019 podcast

This podcast is freely available to anyone that's interested. Once you've listened to it, however, if you've got a subscription you can come back here and complete the quiz below; after you submit it to us we'll send you a certificate for two hours' study, to put towards your next appraisal. Subjects covered this time:

From BJGP Vol 69 No 684:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Diagnosis in General Practice, Nick Summerton and Martin Cansdale
  • Availability and use of cancer decision-support tools: a cross-sectional survey of UK primary care, Sarah Price, Anne Spencer, Antonieta Medina-Lara and Willie Hamilton
  • Clinical gestalt to diagnose pneumonia, sinusitis, and pharyngitis: a meta-analysis, Ariella P Dale, Christian Marchello and Mark H Ebell
  • Adapating diabetes medication for low carbohydrate management of type 2 diabetes: a practical guide, Campbell Murdoch, David Unwin, David Cavan, Mark Cucuzella and Mahendra Patel
  • Auditory Charles Bonnet syndrome: case report, Charlotte Kukstas

From BJGP Vol 69 No 685:

  • Workload impact of the Quality and Outcomes Framework for patients with diabetes: an interrupted time series in general practice, Claire Gilbert, Victoria Allgar and Tim Doran
  • Cording: a treatable complication of breast cancer surgery, Chani Smith
  • Does doctor burnout harm patients? (letter), Steve Iliffe
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